Updating An Old Cabinet

Cabinet Makeover

I found this old cabinet by a cracked window in the basement when we moved in; it had sat neglected for some time by a cracked window and even had started to grow moss on top. It had a musty smell inside that I needed to get out before I refinished it. My favorite method for removing must is to use ground coffee (buy the cheapest one at the market.). I spread some paper towels on the inside shelves then simply poured the coffee onto them. I gave the coffee a week to absorb all the odors before proceeding.

After a good cleaning I moved it upstairs to paint in place. When I’m working on a big piece of furniture I think it’s easier to work on it in the house rather than trying to paint it and then move it inside afterwards.

I chose a shade of blue to paint it and mixed up a batch of chalk paint using the recipe found here. I waited for a day to let the paint dry before applying a clear wax; I like to use an old soft Tshirt to apply and buff my wax.


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