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Easy Pine Cone Door Swag


I started decorating for the holidays this week. I usually put a wreath on my front door but wanted to do something different this year. I decided on making a pine cone door swag. I love the natural look of pine cones in my holiday decor and since I live in New Hampshire I can just go out my back door collect them.

DIY pine cone door swag supplies

You don’t need many supplies to put this swag together. I used a bag of good sized pine cones, a roll of wired ribbon ( I used 2 1/2 inch wide ribbon and I feel that it is the perfect width for this craft project), white craft paint, and either glitter or fake snow.

I wanted to make my pine cones look like they were touched by snow. I watered down the white paint and with my straight paint brush I hit the outside edges of the cones using an up and down movement.

While the paint is still wet I sprinkled a little fake snow onto the cone. Silver or white glitter would look pretty as well.

Sparkling Pine Cones
Ribbon for door swag

While the pine cones were drying, I cut 7 pieces of ribbon. The ribbon lengths need to be staggered. My longest piece was 24″ long and I went down about 1 1/2″ on each ribbon after that.

For this step I used a hot glue gun. I applied a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the pine cone and also to the bottom of the ribbon. I found the best way to get a nice strong hold without burning your fingers is to use the back end of a paint brush and use it to push the ribbon into the little nooks on the end of the pine cones.

Let the glue cool down and dry

pine cone door swag

Once the hot glue dried I gathered the 7 ribbons and played around with them until I liked how the pine cones were arranged.

**You can pull the ribbons up or down to get the look you want because all pine cones have a slightly different shape and may need a little more space.**

I folded the top of the ribbon over and secured it with and elastic so there was a loop to hang the swag from on the door.

I  covered the elastic and finished off my swag with a bow. I did a simple basic bow

DIY Pine Cone Door Swag

Here’s my finished swag hanging on my front door. I added a little fresh pine and a berry pick to give it a more festive look.

I really love how it looks and it was such a quick and easy project!


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