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DIY | Botanical Print Gallery Wall

Botanical Printables
Botanical Prints

Have you seen how much botanical prints are selling for in the stores or online? I loved the look but wanted to find a way to do them on my own for less. I scoured Pinerest and Google and finally found a free source that you could download the images from here (you need to scroll down through the left column for a bit until you come to the plates). I printed my pictures off of my home printer using a cream colored card stock because I wanted them to look like they had been pages from an old book. You could also upload the images and have them printed out as photographs for a more polished look depending on your decor.

printed botanicals

I found these beautiful frames at the Christmas Tree Shops, I loved the look of the linen matte. The frame has a 8×10 opening and I printed the images on 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper so the edges of the print needed to be trimmed down a bit.

Gallery Wall
Botanical Print Gallery Wall

A laser level makes this project much easier!

Botanical Print Gallery Wall in a Farmhouse/Cottage Kitchen
Botanical Print Gallery Wall

I really love how this wall came out! It’s a focal point when you come in through my kitchen door.

Here’s a few images for you to download to start your own botanical gallery wall!


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