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Affordable Spring Decor


Affordable Spring Decor


It’s such an icy and cold morning here in New Hampshire, but I’m still dreaming of Spring! I had some fun putting together a few Spring mood boards full of really affordable decor.

Amazon has such an amazing variety of home decor items and I think the prices are usually better than any of the home decor stores.


I just love that little bunny cupcake stand! Amazon has a larger one as well. Doesn’t this all just make you happy?

  1. Dish Towel
  2. Peony Wreath
  3. Table Runner
  4. Bunny Stand
  5. Dishes
  6. Speckled Eggs

Living Room

These living room accessories are so fresh, aren’t they? I have a blue glass lamp in my living room and it’s always been one of my favorites; I picked this one because it would look great in various design styles (farmhouse, coastal, transitional, modern, or cottage).

Even though dandelions are my yard nemesis I think this print is darling!

I love having a big tray on my coffee table to house the remotes and my books and magazines.

  1. Lamp
  2. Dandelion Wall Art
  3. Artificial Potted Plants
  4. Ticking Throw
  5. Rattan Tray
  6. Wood Candlestick Holders

Mud Room

Thinking ahead to mud season, wouldn’t you love to sit down and take your duck boots off on this cute bench?

I love having an indoor/outdoor rug in an entrance area-you don’t have to fuss too much to clean it.

Well, it’s still icy out here, I hope it’s sunny in your world today! I think I’m going to go dig out some more Spring stuff and keep pretending.

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