Nordic/Natural/Neutral Christmas Decorations

I love the way trees look in the winter after a storm when the sun finally comes out and the icy branches are glistening; it’s so beautiful.

I try to recreate some of that magic indoors with my Christmas decor every year.

This blue cabinet in the corner of my living room (you can see the cabinet makeover here) is transformed into a nordic forest. I have a 5 ft nordic tree on the floor next to it. The top of the cabinet displays a wood, pinecone, and birch bark tree between two glitter flocked mini trees in burlap. I completed the look with lovely mercury glass candle sticks and icy glitter branches in the back. The mini wooden sleigh (Target Dollar Spot) and antique ice skates on the wall complete this cozy corner.

I used neutral pieces of furniture and accessories as the backdrop for this snowy landscape. I found a template on Pinterest for the deer head and traced it onto a piece of scrap plywood that I had painted brown; I love easy and free projects!


Can you believe I found the windowpane mirror at the town dump day? A woman was unloading it from her truck and I ran over and grabbed it. It was an awful green color but a couple coats of white chalk paint remedied that!


One Christmas I created this sparkling vignette in my entryway.

I continued my enchanted forest theme to my Christmas tree. I used loads of pine cones that I had added a whitewash and snowy glitter to along with mostly wooden ornaments. I added little galvanized metal lanterns and and some burlap ribbon as a garland. My tree came with icy flocked branches that glisten when the lights are on.

There’s nothing quite as welcoming as a home that is all decorated for the holidays. I love sitting under a warm blanket at night watching a Hallmark Christmas movie with only the Christmas tree on for light ( I’ll add that my house full of males does not share my love for Hallmark movies).

“Christmas magic is silent. You feel it. You know it. You believe it.”