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Pottery Barn Looks For Less


Now that summer is winding down, and after spending the past few months solely focusing on doing things outdoors, I’ve turned my attention back to my indoor decor. I’m getting the itch to change a few things up and update my spaces.

I’m sure most of you are with me when I say that I love Pottery Barn style -but not the price tag that comes along with it! So while I was looking through their new Fall catalog for some inspiration to refresh my living room, I had the idea to see if I could recreate some of my favorite styles on a small budget. I actually surprised myself at how closely I recreated the designs and even more surprised at just how much I saved! Wait to you see the final $$ totals!

Neutral Look For Less

Neutral Pottery Barn Look for Less
My budget Pottery Barn inspired finds.

Wow, can you believe the difference in price? I think I nailed the look and vibe with this one. Also, when I picked my copycat pieces I chose items that had good customer reviews not just a good price point for my “Looks for Less” boards.

Here’s where you can find my “Neutral Looks for Less”

Jewel Tone Look For Less

Pottery Barn Dupes
Pottery Barn Look For Less

I’m happy that warmer jewel tones are making a comeback after the past few years of light and white decor. The rug I found from Walmart has the navy but the other tones are more muted compared to the PB one, but it is so pretty (plus $859 dollars less!). I think the table and pillow are as close as you can get to matches.

Here’s where you can find my “Jewel Tone Look For Less”

Modern/Boho Look For Less

Pottery Barn Dupes
Modern/Boho Pottery Barn Look For Less

I love the pillow I found from Walmart; it’s from their new Fall line and I have it waiting in my shopping cart! The rug is also a new item from Walmart-seriously, if you haven’t looked at Walmart online lately they are killing it (especially the Better Homes and Gardens line).

Here’s where you can find my “Modern/Boho Look for Less”

Green & Gray Look For Less

Green Look For Less
Green/Gray Pottery Barn Look For Less

Gray has been a staple color in decor for the past few years but you will see more green this season when you are out shopping. It’s my favorite color so I’m not complaining! This Pottery Barn rug is gorgeous, but I think the Target one is lovely too with the added blue tones.

Here’s where you can find my “Green/Gray Look For Less”

Well, that was fun! I hope this helped give you some great ideas for refreshing your own spaces! I’ll let you know what I decide for mine!

Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding your own “Look For Less” –Jennifer


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