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How to start a garden


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love plants and flowers. Everyone in my family gardened so it came naturally to me. There’s something so therapeutic about digging in the dirt and watching things grow.

Starting a garden can be intimidating if you are a beginner, but it just takes a little planning and a sunny spot. I planned out my new garden during the winter-it helped me get through freezing February! You want to find a location in your yard that gets at least 6 hours of full sun. The spot I picked has sun on it all day long so it’s perfect.

My area is 16×16

Once the ground thawed out, the area was rototilled and I amended the soil by adding a combination of compost and a good quality garden blend from a local nursery.

I wanted my garden to have a cottage look to it and found a garden fence kit online that would be perfect. (Unfortunately, I believe it’s discontinued so I can’t link the source for you).

Fence in progress

After I finished putting up my fence I had to figure out how I was going to plot out my garden space. I tend to stand in the middle and stare for awhile until it comes to me then move things around until I’m happy

I’m a big advocate of vertical gardening and if I can grow plants up on supports I will. I find it’s easier to harvest and easier to notice bugs or disease hitting the plants later in the season-plus I just love how it looks. I bought two metal raised beds for herbs and small veggies(radishes, carrots, lettuce).

I made a couple of teepees from 5ft bamboo poles tied at the top with jute to grow some decorative climbing flowers. The wooden tent trellis is where I planted early peas (sugar snaps and snow). The big metal trellis is for cucumbers. The back portion of the garden was for the tomatoes and pepper plants and a willow teepee for green beans.

I planted a row of sunflower seeds outside the back of the fence along the entire edge. I took advantage of every square inch of this space and tucked in a couple of broccoli plants on the fence edge of one garden bed and a row of leeks along the other one. I also added a row of metal grids along the right wall of the garden for mini pumpkins and squash.

Finished garden area
June-the garden is starting to take off

As you can see, growing vegetable vertically also looks pretty. I love how the green beans have filled the teepee completely. The cucumber trellis also makes it easy to find the cukes that are ready to be picked.

Late Summer
Gardener in- training

What a great season my garden had! Here’s some details on what I use for garden supports:

‘”To Plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” –Audrey Hepburn


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