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Fall Decorating Tips



I love creating different centerpieces and displays for each season in my home. It doesn’t have to be intimidating but sometimes just takes a little practice. When I put together displays or centerpieces for Fall I usually use these 4 natural elements (but with different combinations) throughout my home: pumpkins, wood, florals, and greens.

By using different textures and colors together you can take your decorating from boring to magazine worthy and it’s not expensive- you can find great things at dollar stores and even in your own backyard!

Velvet Pumpkin Centerpiece

For this “glam” vignette I used my 4 display elements 1. Velvet Pumpkins 2. Rattan Pumpkin/Pine Cones 3. Berry Pip Mini Garland 4. Spanish Moss. I used an antique frame as my tray. Try looking through your home for something unusual to use for the base of your display. Antique mirrors or old silver trays are also great to use.

Fall Sign/ Fall Entryway

For this entryway shelf I mixed soft traditional Autumn colors with neutrals. I pulled the colors from the sign I painted.

Fall Rustic Porch

I use the same 4 decorating elements outside on my porch display. You can find more pictures of my porch here

I nestled velvet pumpkins in a galvanized tier tray along with white and blue pumpkins and a faux plant. There are a few wooden acorns in the spaces that you can’t see in the photo.

Fall Centerpiece

My table centerpiece this year. I used a metal bucket and filled it with painted white pumpkins, dried hydrangea from my garden, dusty green sprigs, and finished it with grapevine tucked in the back.

Fall Centerpiece

Blue pumpkins, hydrangea, pine cones, and a little faux plant and moss are all nestled in this pretty green casserole dish on my kitchen hutch.

Now, try your hand at creating your own centerpiece. Look around your home and yard and see what you already have that you can use. It might take you a few tries to get to the look you want; usually what I envision is completely different from what I end up creating-but that’s the fun of making things yourself!


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