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DIY | Early Spring Wreath


It looks like Winter is winding down here in my part of New Hampshire and I definitely have Spring on my mind! I noticed that my Forsythia bush is starting to develop buds which signals we made it through another New England winter. Since Forsythia is the first thing to bloom here I thought that it would be the perfect flower for a Spring wreath.

You won’t need many supplies to create this wreath yourself and they are easily found at your local craft store. You will need a grapevine wreath, 2 stems of Forsythia, 2 Pussy Willow stems, Spanish moss, sheet moss, and mini craft eggs.I also used spray adhesive and a glue gun.

Start by trimming off the flower portions of the Forsythia; mine had 3 separate stems on each branch.

Starting at the bottom center of your wreath you are going to weave the Forsythia stem into the grapevine. Shape the stems and tuck in the flowers as you work you way up the side of the wreath. Repeat on the other side of your wreath.

Next step is to add in the Pussy Willow. Just like the long Forsythia stems, I cut off the top portion of the stems with the flowers. Tuck the stems into the grapevine bending them to the shape of the wreath.

Repeat on the opposite side of your wreath.

Now we are going to add a little charm to the wreath by making a sweet bird’s nest. It’s so easy to do and looks so natural compared to the pre-made rattan ones from the craft store.

You will need spray adhesive and a clump of Spanish moss to create the nest.

You are definitely going to want to wear gloves because this part is sticky! Lightly spray the moss with the adhesive and shape the moss into a nest shape. It’s really easy!

Using my hot glue gun I added 3 tiny eggs and for an added touch I glued on a couple of small pieces of sheet moss.

I used a generous amount of hot glue on the back of the nest and glued it onto the wreath, I put it left of center on the bottom of the wreath facing slightly upward.

I tucked in small pieces of the sheet moss in some of open spaces. It’s small details like this that help make your DIY wreaths look professionally done.

I love how it came out and I can’t wait to run upstairs and hang it on my front door!

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