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Drying Hydrangeas

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Drying Hydrangeas

Drying Hydrangeas
Beautiful Blooms

A sure sign that Autumn is on the horizon is when your hydrangea blossoms start to change. You’ll notice that the once velvety flowers start taking on a more papery feel and the colors begin to change(my blooms were bright blue before); this is the perfect time to cut some stalks to dry out. I’ve tried a few different ways in the past but this was the best and also the easiest.

The first thing to do is find some nice blooms on your shrub and cut them with about 12″ or more of stalk. Next, you want to remove all the leaves from your stems.

Remove all the leaves off the stems.

Now, here’s the easiest part- add 2 inches of water to a vase and add your hydrangeas, that’s it! I place the stalks in the vase with a little space between them so when they are dry you can remove them easily without breaking the petals. You’ll also want to keep them away from direct sunlight. As the water evaporates your blooms will start drying out and will hold their shape beautifully.

Your hydrangeas will hold their shape and color; the ones I did last year had started to fade over the summer so I tossed them and replaced them with the new batch today.

I love to use hydrangeas in my Fall decorating, they look so pretty paired with white or heirloom pumpkins like I did here in my Fall kitchen.

Let me know how yours come out!


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