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DIY Fall Wreath


DIY Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath DIY

Now that it is Labor Day weekend I can start slowly changing over to Fall mode. I just put together this cute wreath that’s perfect for transitioning into Fall. The best part is that I made it for under $20 from items I picked up from the Fall section at Walmart.

Fall picks and sign from Walmart

This was an old grapevine wreath I had so I just used it after pulling out the old ivy, but you can pick one up in the Walmart craft department for a few dollars.

Grapevine Wreath
Grapevine Wreath

The hydrangea stems are pretty full so I pulled off the sections to make it a more usable size.

I had this little owl and glued it to the wreath.

TIP: I find it easier to design a wreath when it’s hanging on the door rather than lying flat on a surface.

Fluff up the leaves, berries, and flowers on the picks before you insert them in the wreath.

Mum Pick- 1.34 Walmart

To finish up my new Fall wreath I attached the little wooden welcome sign with a green floral tie to the top and then added some of the hydrangeas. I stuck the big hydrangea leaves that were on the stem into the wreath to add a little more green.

Early Fall Wreath
Early Fall Wreath

Hanging on my front door ready to welcome in the Fall season.


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