Using plants, greenery, and flowers in your home is a simple way to really bring your home to life. Plus, it’s budget friendly! 

Peace Lily

Houseplants can really pull a room together. They also help purify the air and they just bring in good energy to your spaces. I have plants in every room of my house- especially in my teenage son’s rooms because, Lord knows, anything that can help their rooms smell better I’m all for it!

There are so many places to find beautiful houseplants now. I have good luck at Trader Joe’s,Walmart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.


I also use faux plants and stems all the time. This is a great option  if you are green thumb challenged! I’m amazed at how far fake plants have come in the past few years; they are so realistic now!

white kitchen hutch

I love these faux stems I found at Walmart for $3 each. A great option instead of real flowers on your table.

You can see how I incorporated lots of  plants in this sunny corner of my living room. The snake plant and peace lily in the floor baskets are super low maintenance plants are are a great choice for beginners; and I always see them in stock at all the big stores.

String of Bananas

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red tulips

Is there anything prettier than a vase of flowers? I love when I start seeing tulips in the grocery stores here in New Hampshire – it’s a gentle reminder that Spring isn’t too far away! 

Just like plants, having flowers incorporated into your decor instantly adds a layer of warmth to your home. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant arrangement either to have an impact in your home-it can be a few faux stems in a vase.

pussy willow stems

Here in my entryway you can see how I added a pretty garland over my mirror and my faux tulip bulb planter on the table with a tall topiary to bring this area to life. 

The best thing about faux plants and greenery is that you only have to buy them once and then can use them for years. 

entryway table

So, try adding a little green to your home this weekend and see what a change it makes! Especially, at this point of the winter-it will help you beat the winter blues.

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dried hydrangeas